June and some Goodies

Jun 13th 2017

Just wanted to thank everyone for their support and feedback. We have revamped the Rewards program to give you more of a boost when ordering. We also added Free shipping back over $75 no code needed. We are also doing 15% on July 1st- 7th so watch for that. 

If you are coming to ACA make sure you snag a card from me with a special code on it to get 25% - 45% off your next purchase, 1x and will not expire. How freaking cool is that?

Also we will have some swag during ACA and I will say this , it wouldn't be NorthFinUSA with out some surprises lol

Stay tuned for that 

WANT TO EARN MORE REWARDS - Shop at one of our vendors we are affiliated with and provide conformation and you will receive bonus points on every order you provide. 

Pinkyfilters.com - NFUSA10 10%off
Universalrocks.com - Jaywilson 15%off

Cunninghamcichlids.com - TAL10 10%off  

www.h2oplants.com - TAL15 15%off

We are super excited to see you folks at ACA!!!!

Have a Happy Father's day and a kick butt 4th of July!

- Jay  

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