Posted by Jay Wilson on Dec 11th 2018

Shipping is that double edge sword, you need it but it is also expensive. We have tried and tried to get the best rates and while our rates are much lower than the normal here is a break down of the c … read more

Check out OCA 2018 Extravaganza

Posted by Jay Wilson on Nov 4th 2018

24th ExtravaganzaNovember 16-18, 201824 years of Cichlids and CatfishSpeakers for this Year Steven GrantCharley GrimesWillem HeijnsLawrence KentThe Ohio Cichlid Association's Extravaganza is the larg … read more
Why NorthFinUSA

Why NorthFinUSA

Posted by Jay Wilson, Mindy Wilson on Sep 5th 2018

Why NorthfinUSA?If you’ve followed me on YouTube, you might recall in my earlier videos that one of the reasons we started NorthfinUSA was to assist in medical bills to cover infertility treatments. W … read more
New shipping and cool news!

New shipping and cool news!

Posted by Jay Wilson on Jul 25th 2018

Yes we have raised our shipping price $1 it is because the postal system we used raised the prices 7 months ago and I waited as long as I could. But GREAT NEWS is that free shipping is back over … read more
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