Posted by Jay Wilson on Dec 11th 2018

Shipping is that double edge sword, you need it but it is also expensive. We have tried and tried to get the best rates and while our rates are much lower than the normal here is a break down of the cost. 

Flat rate envelope costs us $6.70 we charge $3.99 

Large Flat rate is $17.50 we charge $3.99

Small first class mail .49lb or under is $2.66-$4.33 we charge $3.99 

You can see with 99.9% of shipments we are already discounting it and want to continue but it is making it very hard with the way these companies do business. We also already pay $15 a month to get the reduced shipping cost as well. So you can see we are doing everything we can to provide a better service. We are currently reworking our plans for 2019 and hope that you can give us feedback and help us make 2019 better than 2018 which was already SUPER FREAKING EPIC!