Posted by Jay Wilson on Jan 8th 2019

Our Awesome and dedicated Friends and customers!

I hope 2019 is shaping up to be one heck of a year for you. We are writing this to talk about what NorthFinUSA is doing and to come to you to ask your opinion.

As you can tell we have been trimming back our website. This is mainly due to the demand of NorthFin Fish Food and we want that to be the number 1 focus.

2019 is brining some hurdles regarding shipping and we want to be transparent with you and get your feedback. The Shipping rates are going to be raising for us and if we want to continue the same way we have to make a change, we are just not sure what is the best way for you.

So below we have comprised a list of things that we could do instead of raising the shipping prices. We want you to think about it and let us know. We will conduct a poll via facebook and we will take emails and PM as well on all social media platforms. We care so much about what you think and how you want your experience so we are giving you the options. Thank you for reading and taking the time to help keep NorthFinUSA the best place to get NorthFin Fish Food!

  • Keep everything the way it is including rewards and we will just pay what shipping really cost.

- Flat rate envelope - $6.90

- Padded flate rate - $7.10

- Medium Flate - $12.10

- Large Flat rate - $17.50

- Parcel $2.66 - $4.45 ( weight has to be a total below 490 grams)

  • Keep shipping the same low $3.99 but get rid of Reward points (leaves room for more sales)

- Rewards program cost money every month to have it running.

  • Keep Shipping the same price and the rewards in place and raise the price of the products by 12%
  • Have Mindy pick because we trust her!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I did not want to type it or post it but with business sometimes comes hard choices. While we know there are a TON of places to purchase Northfin we are still pumped you keep choosing US. Not only have you helped us rich the Goal of having our son who will be 2 this month but you have helped us with over 17,000 orders! (Yes you read that correctly)


Jay Wilson