July and August

Posted by Jay Wilson on Aug 5th 2017

Well Well, July flew by felt like we went to ACA and it was over UGH!We are working on some pretty exciting things an dI am telling you it is going to be epic.......well for some HA!somethings that ha … read more

June and some Goodies

Jun 13th 2017

Just wanted to thank everyone for their support and feedback. We have revamped the Rewards program to give you more of a boost when ordering. We also added Free shipping back over $75 no code needed. … read more
It is MAY!

It is MAY!

Posted by Jay Wilson on May 2nd 2017

So we have decided that we absolutely love you folks and we couldn't be happier to be the go to choice for NorthFin Fish foods. We are quickly becoming the place to get most of your Seachem needs as w … read more

ACA and what you should know!

Posted by Jay Wilson on Apr 5th 2017

We would love for you to become a part of the ACA ( American Cichlid Assoc.) it gives you access to the cichlid room companion which is hands down the greatest resource. With that in mind it is coming … read more